Bollywood Invasion

Bollywood Invasion tells a story about an American boy going back in time and his journey as John Lennon in history. The book is going to be published very soon.

The story starts from modern-day Brooklyn. sixteen-year- old John Palmieri is living an average life until one day he is hit by a bus and wakes up as Raj Scindia, a prince in India, in 1958.

Suddenly, he finds himself with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies. Brooklyn
is readily forgotten. He makes out with his hot teacher; he tells about the future; his new
life becomes a constant stream of debauchery till he meets “the one”.

However, love doesn’t come easy. He must become a better man, a pursuit ignited by his
memories of the Beatles songs on his iPod. These legendary songs do change John’s life.
Not only he marries the love of his life, he also becomes the brightest star in the world, a
world that John Lennon does not exist. He doubts he ever need to find a way back to

His perfect life collapses in 1968, when everyone he loves dies because of him. His
world collapses. For the next decade, he lives in pain and confusion. He does not know if
he is Raj or John. He does not know he is living a dream or dreaming a lie.
He cannot find the answer until 1980, when he meets a man—a familiar stranger whom he thinks God
has sent to help him.

Bollywood Invasion is actually my first born and it took me three years to write to my own satisfaction. But it is well worth the effort. The story-line is filled with many unexpected twists and turns. Many popular Beatles songs are beautifully integrated with the plot, providing a unique reading experience.

Stay tuned.