About Me

Ricardo Alexanders, an indirect decedent of the Great Yyu, was born in China, educated as a chemist, specializing in innovative drug formulation development. In his spare time, he is a passionate writer and loves writing History/Science Fiction.

Dragon Tomb is his first book. Ricardo wrote this book to pay tribute to his ancestors. Dragon Tomb is also the first book of The Last Resistance pentalogy. The tentative titles for the rest four are: Resurrection, Total Invasion, Red Dragon, and the series finale, Genesis. Sharing of such titles is meant to set a clear goal for Ricardo in building an unique/brand-new world for readers and motivate him to finish the pentalogy within five years.

Ricardo’s next book is “Bollywood Invasion”, which tells an unique story about  a boy from Brooklyn who goes to India, wins the heart of his dream girl and conquers the world with music inspired by the Beatles. This book will be available very soon.

Ricardo enjoys direct communication. He can be reached at ricardo.h.alexanders@gmail.com if you have any comments, suggestions, or find any typos in his manuscript.