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Imagine you are John Lennon, but born in India…

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An epic and inventive Far East, space-invasion reimagining of World War II – Kirkus Review

“In 1939, an incredible archaeological discovery in China leads to contact with an ancient race of aliens—who fatefully join the Allied cause—in this debut novel.”

“In a Chinese mainland brutally conquered by Imperial Japan, Chuan-Jay Hoo (aka “CJ”) is a young prisoner of war. The soldier’s background as a U.S.-trained archaeologist puts him in the vanguard of a large, secret Japanese troop expedition to long-buried tombs and sacred mountains…”

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Story line complex but logical…hard to put down – Midwest Book Review

“What would World War II have looked like if an alien invasion had brought the Axis and Allies together? The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb reveals just such a world in a fantasy that opens the first book in a projected series.”

“It’s unusual to recommend a military-style fantasy for readers of alternative history and even non-fantasy action thrillers; but The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb promises many unpredictable twists and turns…”

“Anyone who relishes the staccato action of an Indiana Jones piece will find its equal in The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb”

The review appears on the April 2018 issue of  MBR Bookwatch.

“Every Day is a Monument”

An original theme song for The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb


The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb

The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb is a fantasy novel in which an alien invasion during WWII has the Allies and the Axis powers fighting in concert to save planet Earth. The novel opens when the protagonist, a young Chinese archaeologist, is forced by the Japanese army to raid an ancient tomb—the tomb of the mythical first king of China—where he discovers the true identity of the king and the origin of Chinese civilization.

If you love the adventure of Indiana Jones, the scary dragons in Game of Thrones, or the epic tank battles in WWII; if you like watching an all-out alien invasion of Earth, you will love Dragon Tomb. Try picturing a battlefield on which Germany Panzers are charging forward alongside the Soviet T-34s; behind them march Chinese infantrymen with bayonets mounted on rifles; above them fly American P-40s and Japanese Zeros. Not too far from them in the front stand the plasma-fireball-spitting dragons from across the galaxy.

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Bollywood Invasion

A unique story about a boy from Brooklyn who goes to India, wins the heart of his dream girl and conquers the world with music inspired by the Beatles.


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